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Meet Our Digital Leaders! 



Our Digital Leaders were appointed after a gruelling application and interview process.  One person was elected from each class in Primary 6 & 7 who will champion ICT across their year band.  Their mission is to try out new apps, come up with new ideas and help others across the school develop their ICT skills.


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Meet the team!

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Our digital leaders receive their official badges from Michael O'Kane, iTeach

Our digital leaders receive their official badges from Michael O'Kane, iTeach 1

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Digital Leaders Labs


Our digital leaders enjoyed a fantastic day of training at W5 provided by iTeach.  We worked with the new Sprk+ Sphero droids and worked out complicated algorithms to make them move around the mazes and tracks.  Harder than you might think!


We also used the app Assembly to design a digital leader badge which represented the role of the digital leaders in our school.  Rioghnach's design was chosen as one of the designs which will be made into a real actual badge.


The final workshop gave us the chance to design our own app and make an advertisement to sell the app.  We had one design where you could decide and order what food you wanted for lunch and it would be delivered to your classroom and another which you could use to change the mood of the teacher! Who ever heard of a grumpy teacher?? 



Digital Leader Lab @ W5

Digital Leader Lab @ W5 1
Digital Leader Lab @ W5 2
Digital Leader Lab @ W5 3
Digital Leader Lab @ W5 4
Digital Leader Lab @ W5 5
Digital Leader Lab @ W5 6
Digital Leader Lab @ W5 7
Digital Leader Lab @ W5 8
Digital Leader Lab @ W5 9
Digital Leader Lab @ W5 10
Digital Leader Lab @ W5 11