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Shared Education

'Shared Education involves the sustained provision of opportunities for children and young people from different communities and backgrounds to learn together both in and out of school.’
DENI 2016

The PEACE 1V Project

The PEACE IV Programme is a funded EU initiative, aimed at promoting peace and reconciliation in Northern Ireland and the Border Region of Ireland.


Our Partnership

We have partnered up with Fairview Primary School, Ballyclare.

The year 2018 marked the beginning of our Shared Education journey. Our Year Four pupils teamed up with Year Four pupils from Fairview PS Ballyclare, to participate in the Peace 1V project. Over the course of seven weeks, the children took part in cross - curricular lessons based on the novel ' George's Marvellous Medicine'. As well as these lessons, children took part in PDMU lessons, which allowed them to explore various cultures and backgrounds within Northern Ireland.


The first of the seven weeks was spent at Breckenhill Outdoor Activity Centre, as an icebreaker day. This was followed by five weeks of active lessons, taught at both campuses.  The final week was a celebration day at Dundonald Icebowl. Children from both schools played an active role in the project and thoroughly enjoyed each week. They were so enthusiastic about meeting new friends and learning about different cultures. It was an excellent experience for all, including the staff.