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Star Writing Award winner for October 2017:



"The more that you read,

The more things you will know.

The more that you learn,

The more places you'll go."


Have a look at some of our poems celebrating the season of autumn:



In Year 4 we are working extremely hard to improve our literacy. This includes our reading, our writing and our speaking and listening.


This term in our genre writing we will be looking at Instruction Writing. We are writing different sets of instructions for different tasks to develop this, including how to make scrambled eggs, how to make fruit jelly and how to play different games. At the end of this genre we will create our own independent piece of instruction writing using our iPads. We can't wait to display our work around the classroom!


In our writing we are continuing to work on our writing skills, such as grammar, punctuation (capital letters, full stops, speech marks, exclamation marks, commas and question marks), finger spacing and handwriting. Parents can help with this by helping practise at home and reminding children of these during homework.

We are working hard to improve our reading in Year 4. We will be joining Biff, Chip, Kipper, Floppy and their friends on their adventures with the Magic Key, as our weekly books will be from the Oxford Reading Tree scheme. In class we will be making time for modelled, shared, guided and independent reading sessions so as to fully understand how to use our different reading strategies. We will also be working on our comprehension skills by using Bloom's Taxonomy in class to answer questions about the texts.


This year we will be starting Accelerated Reading. We took our Star Reading Tests, and from this we have learnt the level of the books we will begin reading independently. With every book we will take a short test on our iPads, and we will be able to move up levels as time goes on. Children can read at certain times during the day, and will work to change their books independently. Our goal is to become Word Millionaires!