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Mr Flanagan

Welcome to Year 4!




Thank you for visiting our web page! We are working as hard as ants in Year 4, and you can learn about some of the things we are doing in here. 


We recommend that you find out even more about what we are doing by connecting to the class SeeSaw account. If you aren't sure about this, feel free to have a chat with Mr Flanagan for more information, or look at the Seesaw.



We know that in school and outside of school, a problem is not a bad thing. If we have a problem or make a mistake we can learn from this. The most important thing is that we always try our best!


We are working hard to become more independent now that we are in Year 4. When we come to school, we know that we have to get organised right away. We work hard to develop our self management by hanging our coats up outside the classroom, placing our homework in the homework tray and beginning our morning whiteboard work. We make sure that our school bags and lunch boxes are in the correct places.


In Year 4 we know that we always have an adult we can talk to if we are upset. Mr Flanagan, Miss Byrne and Miss Ward are all here to help, and if we are worried we can share this with the adults in our room or write our worry down and place it in the class Worry Box. We are very lucky in our class because we have 26 children who care for one another and are good friends. We always support each other and if someone is sad or upset we are learning to deal with this by solving the problem and doing what we can to make our friend feel happy.



We are becoming excellent at remembering our class rules and the agreements we decided on for our class charter:

  • We will listen to what everyone else has to say and respect their points of view.
  • We will work hard to play nicely together and to include others in our games.
  • We will try new activities, have fun, and work hard to achieve our goals.
  • We will take care of the computers, books and technology in our school, and we will be sensible when we use these, always thinking about our e safety.
  • We will remember how to show good sitting, good listening, good looking and good lining up. We will put our hands up to answer questions, and will follow our class Sound-o-Meter when we are speaking.


By working hard, we know that we can earn different rewards. These include both Table of the Week, based on our table point totals, and Pupil of the Week.


In Year 4 we are learning about lots of new and different things, which you can find out about below!