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We are maths mad in our class! We love taking part in mental maths starter games every morning- it's a great way to start the day!! Ask your child to share these games with you!

We can count in 2s, 5s and 10s and can recognise odd and even numbers beyond 100. We can add/ subtract 10, 11 and 9 within 100. We use our knowledge of adding 10 to help us add/ subtract 40, 50 etc

We now know all of our number stories to 20. We have created our own number posters using the pic kids app to show our understanding our understanding of number facts to 20.

We are learning how to read and record quarter past, half past and o'clock times. We loved using our bodies to help us!!!

We problem solve every day in our classroom. We take part in various activities throughout the week which develop our ability to solve problems. We use RUCSAC to help us. We have created our own word problems which we exchange with our peers and ask them to solve. We even send them to Mrs Kavanagh and our parents on seesaw to see if they can solve them!

We have started using standard units to measure length. We used a metre stick to measure classroom items, including tables, the classroom door and the whiteboard. We discussed and compared their lengths.

Every day, as part of our Numeracy extension work, we use the pic kids app to create number fact posters.

Our number fact posters

We have started multiplication and division! We now know that the inverse of multiplying is dividing. As well as taking part in practical activities, we have used Book Creator to create our very own Times Tables book. We can upload this onto our seesaw and use it to help us at home! 


We use the 3D shape app to help us learn the properties of shapes!

Engaging in practical numeracy activities

Vertical addition and subtraction with exchange - using Explain Everything app

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Vertical subtraction - app smashing using colour pencil, pic kids and seesaw.