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          Revising numbers 0-10


                          Using Cuisenaire Rods - The Play Stage


The children have been introduced to cuisenaire rods . At this stage the children have a chance to explore the rods by playing and making pictures with them. This helps them to become familiar with the colours and size of the rods before their number value is introduced.


                    Making a stairway using cuisenaire rods.


              We can make our names with cuisenaire rods.




                                       Mental Maths 


We formed a human number line to work on mathematical language eg. number before, after, between and largest/ smallest number between 1-10.


The children enjoy playing number games to improve mental maths skills.

Bingo - helps us to practice number recognition, number before,after and between, 1 more than , less than etc. And the children have great fun.