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In literacy, the pupils participate fully in all aspects of the literacy curriculum throughout the week. Pupils engage in a range of talking and listening activities, shared and guided reading, grammar and punctuation, spelling/ phonics, comprehension and creative writing genres.


The pupils engage in a range of structured and progressive creative writing lessons each week leading to a plan, first draft and final draft.  The pupils will further develop their understanding of the features of balanced report writing, biographical recount writing, explanation writing, narrative writing and poetry writing throughout Year 7. The pupils also use the accelerated reading programme everyday and take comprehension tests which greatly improves their comprehension skills.


We aim to create a  Year band of pupils who are confident in reading, writing, spelling and writing. We have recently began The Irish News 'Critical Media Literacy Project'. The children are having great fun, actively engaging in critically analysing tasks throughout the project.

World Book Day- Thursday 5th March 

We had great fun celebrating World Book Day on Thursday 5th March. We came to school dressed as our favourite book characters and talked about our favourite books. We enjoyed spending time reading our favourite texts. 


The Irish News Critical Literacy Project

Year Seven participating in critical literacy activities.