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Autumn One



We have already been working really hard in Maths in Year 5. In Number we have been learning the place value of numbers to 10,000.  Using our knowledge of place value we have been able to add and take away 10, 100 and 100.  We have been able to use our greater than and less than symbols to compare the value of numbers and find the half way point between numbers.






So far this year in our topic Maths we have been learning about sorting and interpreting data on tally charts, bar graphs and tables.  We have also been working on reading the analogue clock at 5minute intervals and measuring the area of shapes in cm2.







Mental Maths

This half term in Mental maths we have been learning the 2,3,4,5 and 6 times tables.  We have been halving and doubling numbers up to 100 and using mental maths strategies including partitioning, number bonds, adding and taking away 9 and 11.  We have been using IZAK 9 in class as a fun and interactive way to practice and showcase our Mental Maths  and team work skills.




Autumn Two


In number this term we have been focusing on developing a range of strategies in addition.  This has included the incorporation of mental strategies such as rounding and adjusting, number bonds and doubles and halves.  We have been studying two different written methods for addition, the extended version ( partitioning the numbers into hundreds tens and units) and the standard method of column addition ( adding the units - carrying over).


Katie showing off her range of addition strategies and mathematical vocabulary.

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Our maths topic this term has been shape and space.  We have been studying the properties of 2D and 3D shapes, symmetry and angles.

corman 2d shapes.mp4

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Cormac- 2D shape properties

ryan shape riddles.mp4

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Ryan Floyd Magee- 3D shape riddle


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Morgan Kerr McQuillan- sorting shapes with/without right angles.