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World Around Us

Year 6 children are currently exploring the Titanic through their World Around Us theme of,  'Unsinkable. ' We have looked at a number of topics related to the world famous ship.   These include;  timelines and general history, floating and sinking experiments,  the effect of ice water on the human body,  labelling the ship,  creating our own model of the Titanic on minecraft and  designing a menu for different classes. 

The children used tin foil to make their own ship design. The effectiveness of their ships was tested by placing cubes into them. Our top ship held an astonishing 155 cubes.

The effects of Ice Cold Water on the Human Body. 


In this experiment,  all children predicted what ice cold water might do to their ability to complete simple tasks.   Before submergung their hands into the icy depths,  all children completed simple tasks like building cube towers and writing their name.  They then spent a minute with hands fully submerged,  repeated the tasks and recorded results.  


Titanic Advertisements


Children loved mixing their World Around Us theme with their persuasive writing genre.   They produced these fantastic pictue advertisements using the PicKids app. 

Minecraft Titanic

Some children brilliantly displayed their creative ingenuity by creating their own Titanic on Minecraft.  

Using an app called Popplet, we worked in pairs creating questions that we would like to find the answers to.