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Literacy is broken into three distinct areas of learning.



The children's reading ability will continue to grow through their work on comprehension skills.   All children will explore a range of fiction and non-fiction texts and respond to questions pitched at their level.  


Comprehension skills will be developed further through work on the class novel, Under the Hawthorn Tree.




The children will look at a range of different topics in their grammar work this term which includes:

Revision of all parts of speech

Direct and Indirect Speech

Proof Reading

Suffixes and Prefixes

A range of other topics.




The children are currently compiling their own balanced argument report based on a Victorian Workhouse and their novel, Under the Hawthorn Tree.

In their programme they have looked at:

The structure of a balanced report

The main features of a balanced report

Identified the difference between arguments for and arguments against

Planned a balanced report

Drafted and edited their own balanced report.