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We love Maths in Year 3!


The boys and girls take part in a Mental Maths brain training lesson every morning. They listen to, design, discuss, interpret and evaluate many different word problems. This consistently enhances their thinking skills and personal capabilities and overall confidence in problem solving.


Throughout this year they will engage in lessons covering:

Number - adding and subtracting with and without exchange

Shape and Space - exploring 2d and 3d shapes

Data Handling - interpreting Venn/ Carroll diagrams, Bar Graphs, Tally Charts, Pictograms etc

Measure - adding and subtracting time, length, measure and weight.

Please see Homework Diary for topics covered each week.

Using Isak 9

Adding Tens and Units

We can write our own word problems!

Making tessellations.

Using cuisenaire

Using 2d shapes to create houses and homes