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Nightly Homework

Spelling, Reading, Times Tables and New Wave Mental Maths.


Monday - Literacy

Tuesday - Numeracy - Number

Wednesday - Literacy

Thursday - Numeracy - Topic


Creatvie Writing Genres

Autumn 1 - Persuasive

Autumn 2 - Report

Spring 1 - Playscript

Spring 2 - Narrative

Summer - Explanation



Numeracy lessons are made up of mental maths, number lessons, topic lessons and problem solving lessons. Homework reflects the work being done in class that week. We start each lesson at our Maths Working Wall. 



WAU Themes

Unsinkable - includes trip to Titanic Belfast

Back to the Future

Natural Disasters



Monday 10:00am £2.50

Term 1 for 6 weeks


Accelerated Reading

Pupils should read their AR book daily, at home and in school. They take the AR test in school and results are monitored every Friday. 


Accelerated Maths

AM has recently been introduced. Similiar to AR , tests are completed in school and progress is monitored. 


Spelling Bee

Check spelling books for spelling lists, competition will be help before Halloween.