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We complete Literacy tasks every day in Year 7. 


The main areas of Literacy are reading, writing and talking & listening. 




Children read and complete activities on a weekly reading book. We use Bloom's Taxonomy to help with retrieval, deduction and evaluation skills. It is important that you read as much as possible with your child. This can be their weekly reading books, their accelerated reading book or a trip to the library!


Our class novel in Year 7 at the minute is Wildflower Girl. The children are really enjoying reading the story of Eily and Peggy.


We use a range of resources and teaching strategies within Literacy daily.




In Year 7, we have been learning about writing biographical recounts. We have been researching famous Victorians and applying the key features of our writing genre to write a biographical recount. The children have really enjoyed this writing genre and I'm looking forward to reading the final drafts!