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Adverse Weather Arrangements

Dear Parents


Please see the following advice regarding school closures due to adverse weather conditions such as snow. First and foremost, we  will do all in our power to ensure the school stays open, however, we have a duty of care to our staff, our parents and primarily our children. If the snow for example is so heavy that it does not allow staff to travel safely to and from work and we do not have enough staff to supervise our children safely we will be forced to close. Equally so, if we cannot clear a vehicle entrance for emergency vehicles to gain safe access to the school we will also be forced to close. Hopefully none of that is the case but I wanted to let you know what the two factors are that we will have to take into consideration.


We will post a closure on the school Facebook site and on the website,

Also, we will inform the BBC as early as we can and they will broadcast on local news and their website.


If snow does come, we will keep the Glen Road entrance gate beside the Glen Colin traffic lights closed to vehicle access.

Our clearance priorities will be as follows:


Glen Road entrance beside the Nursery open to staff parking only, cleared and gritted

Steps from the Glenveagh entrance with a path to the back door

The path along to the Church steps and pathways leading to Yr. One and Yr. Two yards

Mulroy lower gate and path alongside mobiles leading to top, side entrance

Mulroy top gate and a diagonal path to top, side entrance

Finally, the Glen Colin traffic lights gate, pedestrian pathway only leading to main entrance.


Obviously this will take some time so we would ask for your patience and that you all take care.


As ever, thank you for your continuing support, it is really appreciated.


Mr. McCabe